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Virginia Beach prides itself on not just being one of the most family-friendly beach communities around, but also being one of the most family-friendly cities around. This large beach city which is more than just oceanfront hotels and a boardwalk. It maintains a suburban feel while still offering the excitement of a vacation resort area and amenities of a city.

It's Made for Families

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Beach cities are known for having a killer view but not always the best job opportunities. But that's just another reason to get excited over Virginia Beach because the economy here is exploding. The average household income of $97,777 is well above the national average. And when you get off work, you have the luxury of being in a beach city where vacation is always right in your backyard.

You Get to Work While on Vacation

Virginia Beach is an extremely spread-out city and much bigger than you would probably assume. It is made up of a large number of communities and neighborhoods. Choosing which neighborhood is right for you and your family is monumental in determining your quality of life while living here. The neighborhoods in Northeast Virginia Beach are generally the most desirable with families, with a crime rate that is 47% lower than the VB average, and a 92% high school graduation rate.

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